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The Right Vaping Ratio

Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off

You may have purchased max vg e-liquid and are now wondering why your vaporizer is not working. This is a common question for new vapers who have upgraded their PVs and are expecting max customization. Unfortunately, many of these vapers choose pg:vg ratios that their tank’s cannot handle. Clearomizers can vape 70% vg max, but only if vaping from a high quality clearomizer like an aerotank, protank or an Aspire tank. These tanks have BDC and BVC coils and require priming and even dripping, as some vapers drip e-liquid directly onto the atomizer to let it absorb as to not get a dry-hit. This is also important in not breaking your atomizer.

Higher levels of vegetable glycerin make the biggest clouds but require mods with rebuilt coils. These mods have pins, threads, solo batteries, chambers and twist dials. The parts can sometimes require tools like plyers. This is why a mid-level clearo should not increase VG past 70 as to not break the atomizer. For 100% vg which is also called max vg, it is recommended that a mod be built or purchased. Vapers can buy pre-made mods for cheap, including clones of mods for even cheaper.

For a general vaper, 50:50 is the recommended ratio for vaping. This is because it gives vapers an intermediate level of equal ratios which helps vapers in figuring out the right levels and ratios. Sometimes propylene glycol can cause allergies and irritate the throat, which is why many feel as though they must decrease their levels of PG. Still, most people vape 50:50. Companies such as One Fine Day Photographers, have been known to provide excellent product pictures in the vaping industry.

There is good news for vapers who want max vg. Vapers can dilute nicotine or decrease vegetable glycerin VG by adding water. Adding water to e-liquid can destroy the e-liquid, wasting a vaper’s money, so it is important to only add a small amount of water to e-liquid. A few small drops can be added for a quick fix but should be done in intervals to determine that the e-liquid doesn’t lose too much flavor or nicotine. It is best to mix the water and e-liquid in a mixing bottle and shake well as e-liquid is thick and water is runny. If the e-liquid is already in the tank, a small toothpick can be used to mix the water with the e-liquid. It is recommended that vapers start with 5 mg of water.
Max vg e-liquid makes the biggest clouds. It does not matter on the company; all ingredients used other than flavor are the same. If protocol is followed, e-liquids are based on their ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin as well as how this ratio interacts with the additives, which are hopefully FEMAS approved additives (the FDA has yet to regulate companies). Electronic cigarette companies want regulation, another conception fabricated by the media. Nobody wants to get sick from e-cigs.

Diluting nicotine or decreasing propylene glycol PG with water is an easy way to fix an issue if in a jam. A few drops and the liquid will thin out as well as the nicotine, decreasing these factors as well as the flavor. It is important to never overfill, because once too much is added the effects are irreversible, whereas if you start slow and add more, you can reach the best level and even fix a liquid that is tasty but has too much nicotine.

E-Liquids can be variable, which is why it is important to go with the best e-liquid company. These companies stand behind their products and have the ratios down to a science. A slight altercation can change the composition of e-liquid. In addition, past studies have indicated false representation of ratios and ingredients. Knowing how to dilute e-liquid with water can be an important key in vaping max vg e-juices.

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E-Cigs and the Vaping Debate

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off

Often people begin using e-cigs as an alternate route of smoking. Unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not combust, rather turn the solution called e-juice into smoke-like vapor. Tobacco cigarettes produce over 7,000 chemicals when combusted. Though there are certain controversies surrounding the byproducts of electronic cigarettes vaping(such as trace elements of formaldehyde), even in comparison to cigarettes, which always contain formaldehyde in much larger quantities. The majority of electronic cigarettes do not contain this chemical, and the original experiment was done on an undisclosed Chinese brand. The scientist who conducted the e-cig experiment told American doctors that the US caused an unnecessary frenzy over the information. Electronic cigarettes do not contain the chemicals that tobacco cigarettes contain. E-Cigs use the substances propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which bind together and create the base for the liquid nicotine. Many people confuse actual nicotine with smoking, though the two are not one and the same. On the contrary, e-cigarettes are propelled by the smokeless vapor. Electronic cigarettes, though in a whirlwind of debate inspired by a long island seo , have managed to work better for many as a smoking alternative. Most people who merge from e-cigs to vaporizers gradually reduce their nicotine levels because they want to, not because they are necessarily trying. This is a fantastic incentive for those who are looking to wean their nicotine without much effort. Another topic of debate is the underlying concern that the youth are attracted to the many flavors which e-cigs and vaporizers bring to the table. Not only does new evidence negate this, but the point of debate has been counter argued with obvious and more serious concerns such as whipped cream and birthday cake flavored vodkas. In addition, many vapers enjoy switching from tobacco e-juice flavors to fruit and bakery flavors as they intent do disassociate themselves with the tobacco or menthol cigarette flavors as it further propels them to decrease nicotine.

In addition, cigarettes which are the main issue, are also flavored. Additives such as caramel and vanilla are incorporated to make cigarettes taste sweeter and more appealing. There are also various menthol tobacco blends which taste minty or like peppermint patties- a popular flavor also vaped by e-cig users as it is tasty and has nothing to do with the vaper’s age, unless you have a long island water damage issue. Electronic cigarettes may not be “healthy”, they certainly present the public with a smoking alternative that contains far less chemicals. Also, it is important to note that current tobacco is drenched in other chemicals and is rapidly exposed to pesticides and GMOs, unlike e-cigarettes which only use the propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and distilled nicotine. The advantages of e-cigarettes are endless. People report feeling better and looking better, which science cannot negate. Many people have weaned their nicotine levels down to zero thanks to new electronic cigarette and vaporizer technology. For many seeking an answer, the answer is electronic cigarettes.

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E-Hookahs: the New E-Cig Flavor Alternative

Posted by on Dec 11, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off

For those who find vaporizers complex and confusing, but who wish to experience the wonderful flavors that vaporizers can use, are finding tremendous success in electronic hookah pens, which may or may not contain nicotine. These devices are very similar to traditional cig-a-likes, though they produce thicker vapor (more like a modern vape) and taste of shisha or exotic fruits.

E-hookahs tend to be slightly longer than E-Cigs, and usually have a nice, sleek design. They are often created with more VG to produce denser and more quality vapor. Though there are many types available, most tout differences that the hookah shopper should consider; such as puff count, flavor and the nicotine ratio.

Instead of just vaping plain tobacco or menthol, users are finding the taste and ease of these devices to be a huge incentive, as regular e-cigs are pretty basic. As the hookah hobby continues to grow, these new vapor devices are a fun alternative that produces no smoke, tar or ash- as well as the needed assembly and maintenance of the old-school version. A single tobacco session can be almost 2 packs of cigarettes; far more smoke and chemicals than electronic hookahs.

E-hookahs work the same way as disposable e-cigs. They are usually a 1-piece design consisting of an e-liquid soaked cartridge, an atomizer (which turns the e-juice into vapor) and an internal battery. The E-Hookah is simply puffed on just as a cigarette, and instead of smoke, a fruity vapor is produced which dissipates within seconds. Huge clouds of vapor are produced without a harsh throat-kick.

The E-Liquid used is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and flavors. Generally, going with a USA e-cigarette company will yield the best e-hookahs, as they make and bottle their liquids in the USA to ensure safety and flavor consistency. Because the technology began in China, new users feel more comfortable going with a USA brand to ease suspicions of bad ingredients.

E-Hookahs go through testing before issued to the public. There are LED tests and puff tests to ensure that they meet quality and standard. This is another added benefit, as there is no way of knowing this if purchasing from Asia. Companies in the United States stand by their products, which is why they generally will list all procedures in the creation process.

Electronic hookah pens have been renowned by social smokers as well. Because many contain no nicotine, a smoker can vape VG and flavoring while around other smokers and feel more at ease, lessening their nicotine cravings and keeping them from picking the death-sticks back up. In addition, they can be fun to pair with martinis and mixed drinks, as they complement each other.

When out on the town, many enthusiasts are finding these e-hookahs to be fulfilling while tasting amazing. Some are so meticulously designed that users have stated that they cannot tell the difference between a regular hookah and the similar vaping device. This makes them appealing to a myriad of people, as there are the basic e-cig users and the traditional enthusiasts. As more flavors emerge, these great devices only stand to gain in popularity.

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The Great Vape Debate and Its Propaganda

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Though there are politics surrounding the safety of electronic cigarettes in relation to health, many argue that they are far more viable than traditional smoking, as e-cigs use 4 ingredients, all of which are individually approved by the FDA, while tobacco combustion creates 7000 byproducts which have historically proved to cause cancer and delineate a user’s lifespan. While the debate continues to flair, many media outlets chose propaganda and scare-tactics to detour potential users from trying the new VTM, vaporizer and e-cig technology.

Some sources cite that there has been an increase in nicotine poisoning in small animals and children. While this might be true, causation does not always equal correlation.shutterstock_193077356 Because the vapor industry has exponentially grown, more e-liquid have become available and more people are utilizing it. This would explain the increase, though it is important to note that there have been no deaths, and cigarettes and other house-hold items like alcohol (whether that be for drinking or injury), medications and even cleaning products far more commonly induce these same issues. The problem is not the e-liquid, but the responsibility of the purchaser to keep it away from pets and children just as they would their beverages and traditional smokes.

E-liquid, if consumed by drinking it, can be toxic- but that is not the way it is meant to be consumed. When vaporized, the nicotine is distilled and is very similar to caffeine, a stimulant which commonly kills dogs and cats. Caffeine is in chocolate, and most people know to keep chocolate away from their animals.

This type of sensational media is instituted to create shock-value. Many industries stand to lose money if e-cigs are to take over the smoking market, as Forbes has estimated. This means that society would take a drastic turn- which can be frightening to many, though seemingly opportune if considered. Though tobacco, the medical industry and pesticide companies may take a hit, overall societal prosperity could precede the drawbacks that the economy could face.

The VTM and e-cig market is expanding so rapidly, with so much success, that every big health and safety foundation/institution has glued their focus to either the positives or the negatives- many of which, as stated, have been greatly sensationalized.

By using common sense, it is hard to pen e-cigarettes as totally unsafe, as PG and VG are common in food, medicine and health-products like vitamins. Nicotine, however, is a substance which is addictive. Instead of using smoke to deliver the fix, vaporizers use water vapor. This vapor in inhaled by the user and then exhaled. After emitting the clouds into the air, the vapor dissipates and leaves no smell. If it does, it may be a good idea to use a contractor like ABC Contracting for your necessary work.

Some argue that if E-Cigs are to be legalized, that vapers will be rude and blow massive vapor clouds in places like movie theaters and restaurants. At the same time, vapers argue that perfume, the lingering odor of real cigarettes, crying babies etc. can also be annoying, and that just like with everything else, it is up to the individual to exercise consideration towards others.

At the end of the day, it all amounts to common sense: 4 ingredients vs 7000, as well as social consideration; something that we all must practice regardless of being a smoker, a vaper or a nonsmoker. When it comes to nicotine overdoses, those products should have been kept away. New users should read all of the facts about e-cigarettes, e-liquid and vaporizers before leaving it in range of young children and/or small animals.

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